About Us

Shannon ​and Christine have been friends since 2005. With their deep respect for nature, beauty and integrity, they designed and created Banu: a bamboo handled toothbrush, whose packaging and handle ​are completely compostable.

Shannon ​Kearney was born in New York and raised in California. Following her graduation from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Shannon began raising her family and has been designing children’s clothing​, toys​ and​ household items​ for the past 20 years. She has a keen eye for style​ and loves to create things from the whimsical to the timeless classic​. Shannon is a mother of four children and resides with her family in Altadena, California.

Christine Haslett was raised in Connecticut and New York, where her connection to nature and simplicity became the guide to everything she has done in her life. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Christine also became a mother of four and settled in the mountains of Altadena where she met Shannon. As a working professional for the past 20 years, Christine found herself drawn to a career change that would allow her to contribute more to the causes she believes in, while supporting her family.

Shannon and Christine are hard workers, environmentalists, gardeners and mothers. They co-founded Nature Weavers in 2011 to design and manufacture truly green, useful household products. Nature Weavers products are made with integrity, honesty and natural elements.