Product Specs

Bamboo Handle. Made from one solid piece of bamboo, each handle is a work of art with it’s unique grains and distinctions .  Our bamboo handles are all natural, are shaped for comfort and will ​break down entirely into organic matter (no glues or resins whatsoever).  Bamboo is a ​highly sustainable,​ renewable resource.  Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, so it is an exceptional alternative for oral hygiene.

Bristles.  Our priority was to create an effective brush that our customers would rely on daily.  We spent a good deal of time considering bristles.  Our search for the finest resources available led us to Tynex bristles by Dupont TM.  We found nothing more reliable.  These ‘soft’ Tynex bristles are above and beyond what you may be currently experiencing in your toothbrush.

Packaging. Our Banu container is molded from a mixture of renewable pressed plant fibers (bamboo and sugarcane).  And like our handle, our container will ​compost entirely and return to natural organic matter.

Label. Our wrap around label is made from 100% post consumer waste and is printed with soy ink.  Printed in the USA.

Manufacturing. Banu is bristled and packaged in the USA. Parts are produced with care, precision and integrity in China.

Travel. Rather than discard your Ban​u​ container immediately, try using your container and sleeve as a temporary travel container for short trips!

Compost. “Compostable” is more than a buzz word.  Composting is a process wherein organic matter breaks down into soil, mulch or humus (organic matter that forms when plant and/or animal remains decay).  There are other toothbrushes which offer an alternative to the conventional plastic toothbrush.  However, Banu is a unique step up from these competitors.  Unlike other alternative toothbrushes on the market, our Banu handle and packaging will compost completely in an active home compost system.  Our handle is made from one solid piece of bamboo, 100% natural with no glues or resins to worry about when composting.  Our compostable packaging container is made from renewable, pressed plant fibers (bamboo and sugarcane).   At Nature Weavers, we believe that providing products that break down in your home compost system offers a higher standard of living for you and our earth.